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Whether going together, living together or married the most important word in the English language for a couple is 'communication.'  Both partners should be equal in expressing themselves and listening to each other's opinions although it's alright to agree to disagree and take a part of each other's ideas and go ahead to resolve any issues from there.  Communication skills are way above sex and it proves itself over and over again with couples breaking up and often hearing 'they just didn't understand me' or, 'we argued all the time.'  Men and women are not all that different, it's just that men are more private about their feelings and want to retain their masculinity and if a woman is smart she'll let him lead the way to a point.  By good communication skills this can be achieved and both partners are happy.
Regardless if you are in a new relationship or approaching your 20-year marriage anniversary, men always seem to be a mystery to figure out. You want to work on getting to the root causes of your partner's behavior.
Women and men are wired differently. As a woman, you speak based on how you feel. Women often let their feelings guide their actions while men typically do not communicate their emotions. Their behavior is directed more at problem solving.
If you want to make better decisions control your emotions. Set them aside and try to analyze the situation from the perspective of an outside observer who is just learning the facts of the matter. When you're having a disagreement take a moment to catch your breath and calmly review the issue at hand for him. This fresh technique can enable you and your partner to destress and communicate more effectively. Work on improving the dialogue between the two of you and you'll grow closer rather than drifting apart.
Color-Blindness in Relationships

Every person's different and will feel some things that their partner doesn't. Like one has a feeling they see as frustration, confusion or some kind of pain and the other is colorblind to it. Explain, understand, manage.

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