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People do get used to each other and sometimes become less sensitive to things. How much of a difference have you noticed? Is she acting strange in other ways? It could be also that her thoughts are in the way. Has anything happened to her that might be on her mind? I know this wouldn't be an easy subject to bring up. Bring it up with care and sensitivity and never become defensive if she has objections. Openness is key. So my personal opinion is that I think it's emotional. For women sex is much more emotional than physical.

Like, for me, if I'm unhappy, or something is bothering me, I will not be into the sex. Be sure you're all about pleasing her and that you're attuned to her body. If something's weighing on her mind that may be a mental obstacle or she may be sleeping around. Has she cheated in the past on you or her ex's? If she's being more secretive lately that could back up the cheating issue.

If your sex life has been going downhill she may be insecure which could lead her to the arms of another man. I would have a good talk with her and if things don't improve investigate further and find out if she's being unfaithful.

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