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Advice on guy asking you out then going out with another girl

Requested in Love & Relationships by EricCorleyec
edited by 2cent

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I've had the same problem. From what I've learned, he is trying to make you jealous, but for the wrong reasons. He's only doing it because you rejected him and he's trying to make you like him or is trying to see your reaction.
What it is is he admitted to me that he likes me last Friday. I just kinda shrugged it off and acted normal around him. Then on Monday, he asked me out and I said that I just wanted to be friends and gave him a hug. The next day at lunch I found out that he started going out with this one girl that same morning, which was THE DAY AFTER HE ASKED ME OUT. And so, of course, I was mad, but I didn't make it obvious. So, after school, I asked him about his new girlfriend and he asked me how I heard about it and gave me a weird look. I just said that I heard it from someone. Now today, all of a sudden, he starts hangin out with his girlfriend he doesn't even like at lunch, and chases her and her friend around the place and is laughing and talking loudly RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE. He always seems to find a way to sit next to me in class and to be around me, and he still looks at me quite often, so it's pretty obvious he still likes me.
lol If he really liked you, he wouldn't have asked someone else out. He just wants some a$$. That's my point of view. Maybe I'm wrong but just ignore them, even if it makes you mad. You shouldn't be getting mad if you don't like him. Do you? I can understand why it would make you mad in the first place but don't stress about it.

- Hope I helped

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