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Being pregnant is a precious time in a woman's life but it can also be exhausting. Don't stress yourself out. Take time to pamper yourself, even if you don't usually. Get a long massage or pedicure and allow yourself long, leisurely naps. Soon after your baby arrives your focus will be solely on him or her. Pampering yourself now and getting enough sleep before the big day will ease the stress.

Naturally, you shouldn't smoke or drink alcohol. Try to avoid second-hand smoke as well. It's OK to have some coffee but it's probably a good idea to cut back on your caffeinated drinks. You want to have a healthy, balanced diet.  Your doctor should be recommending pre-natal vitamins for you, including folic acid for the development of the fetus. You can indulge from time to time but don't let the pregnancy cravings control your eating patterns. For instance, if you want a dessert like ice cream it's fine to have a cup rather than the whole bowl. This will also pay off when it comes to working off that baby fat!
Share what's on your mind with your friends, especially mothers who have been through this as well! Make sure your significant other is holding up their end of the bargain and helping out as much as they can. Next big question: what will you name him/her?

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