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For many people, springtime signals the time to start gardening and planting. It is the season of growth and new beginnings. Moreover, gardens can provide food and add beauty to the home. Lately, there have been some creative solutions to enhance garden areas in homes with limited space...

Step garden: Perfect for balconies and small decks. Stacked raised beds can provide more area and give all your plants equal amount of light.

Hanging baskets: There are various types of hanging baskets including tiered. Be creative. You can plant vegetables like tomatoes or sweet potatoes or try a basket of herbs mixed with decorative flowers; the choices are endless.

Vertical gardening: You can easily grow just as many vegetables and plants but in a smaller area. Trellises are ideal for vertical gardens. You will be amazed at what plants will grow vertically such as peas, beans, tomatoes, corn, sunflowers, squash, cucumbers, pumpkin and many other vine plants.

Vertical plant walls: You can grow entire walls filled with living plants. Many types of plants are suitable for walls, including vines, air plants, bromeliads, and ferns.

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