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Requested in Cars & Automotive by a contributor
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Passing the driving test is that last obstacle standing in the way of getting your license. There are a number of things you can do to improve your chances of passing. Get plenty of practice on the road beyond the required number of hours of course. Practice with a number of different passengers so each can give you fresh feedback on your areas for improvement. Parallel parking is always an important part so you'll want to get that one down pat as much as you can. Remember to adjust your mirrors when you first get in the car.

Study hard and memorize the essentials. Your instructor may have some pre-tests for you to use to prepare for the written portion. Also, make sure you completely understand what the term "right of way" means and how it applies to changing lanes or coming to a stop. Contrary to popular belief, there is no question about how to use your middle finger when you're cut off by one of those careless drivers out there!  j/k

The driving test might seem stressful but you'll soon find yourself more comfortable behind the wheel. Driving becomes a very natural experience you don't have to think about that much. Knock 'em dead!

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