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Requested in Jobs & Money by MaryCT
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Your cover letter is your introduction to the hiring manager. Typically your cover letter is seen prior to your résumé. Use this as an opportunity to communicate who you are and highlight what you bring to the organization. The cover letter is short but full of detailed information that identifies your qualifications, interests in the organization and contact information.

An effective cover letter is grammatically correct. You don't want to risk a potential job because you failed to proofread your work. Your attention to detail communicates to the hiring manager that you are thorough and attentive.

You also want to communicate your experience and education credentials. Your background is a part of your introduction and demonstrates to the manager that you are qualified to apply for the position. This section is succinct and straight to the point (you'll provide more details on your résumé itself).

Communicate your interest in the position. Incorporate words from the job description that match your skill set; this speaks to your comprehension and provides you the opportunity to market yourself to the manager. Ensure that you set yourself apart from all other applicants applying for this position.

Finally, include contact information and a call to speak with the manager later. Setting up a follow-up call to him or urging him to contact you indicates you would like to continue to the job interview.

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