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Advice whether Florida can put lien on house owe 8000 arrears

Requested in Jobs & Money by JanetBup
edited by 2cent

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What is the 8000 in arrears from? If they are property taxes, chances are that they are automatic liens by state law, so the state doesn't even have to "put a lien on the house". It's already there. If you are in arrears on your mortgage, then the state cannot put a lien on the house, because you don't owe the state any money. The bank can foreclose on the house, sell it at a government sponsored sale (such as a Sheriff's sale). If the sale does not bring in enough money to pay the mortgage in full the bank may sue you for the difference and have a judgment entered against you for the deficient amount. That would become a lien, but it would be the bank doing it, not the state. Of course, the mortgage itself is already a lien, but the mortgage lien disappears once the sale takes place. But even if the mortgage lien disappears, the debt to the bank does not. That why you sign a promissory note and a mortgage rather than just a mortgage.
Agreed. They probably can. An individual can put a lien on your house, so I don't see why the state can't. They might even start garnishing your wages or take your tax refunds.

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