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Advice parents hiding daughters wedding from grandparents

Requested in Parenting & Family by a contributor
edited by 2cent

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Do they love their parents? And do the parents love their daughter? Now ask yourself how mad they would be if he wasn't invited to his daughters wedding!?
I just found out a good friend of mine's wife has told her husband, my friend, NOT to tell HIS parents of their daughter's upcoming wedding next Saturday... her reason - because she is afraid the GRANDPARENTS will not pay for their child's college!

I am appalled and furious... what can I say to these people to make them understand that the grandparents... only his.. do not know... are going to be sooo hurt.
Nothing good is going to come of this situation. When the grandparents find out she got married and they didn't get invited, and they will, there goes any chance for that college money. Better to tell them now and hope they understand than try to explain their selfish motives later!

Good Luck
Know It All

P.S. Your friend's wife is a selfish bitch!
Hopefully your friend will NOT listen to his wife! Tell him it is just cruel not to tell his parents about their grand daughter's wedding. How can he treat his parents that way, and how can he be married to (like KIA said) such a SELFISH bitch!

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