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Advice on why so many baby boomers are committing suicide

Requested in Society by SunChaser
edited by 2cent

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Baby Boomers often refuse to face the reality of getting older mainly because of the easier times of growing up in the 1950s and 1960s where they believed anything was possible and they had many more opportunities as the economy grew and the Boomers prospered not knowing what the next 4 decades would bring.  Boomers wanted to do better than their parents and achieve much greater things and freedom did come for them, but at a cost; they lost a sense of psychological and social connection where there were more divorces or living with someone when not married, having children and leaving single parents behind.  The Boomers did succeed to a degree to reinvent themselves along with the changing times and had the illusion reinventing to suit the needs of each decade would work for them, which it didn't.  Due to the economy crisis there were many worries ahead for the unprepared Boomers.

Boomers without noticing had a higher rate of depression, illicit drug abuse, alcoholism, obesity, misuse of prescription drugs and more illness'.  

Suicide climbs with a faltering economy and Boomers have the mind-set that if you work hard, long hours you will be successful.  They were unprepared for what was to come and their balloon burst.  Mortality was never discussed (we'll live forever attitude); many did not psychologically or financially prepare themselves for their retirement.  What they once enjoyed in life had come to a grinding halt with job loss, high credit debt, foreclosure for some who owned homes and soon found themselves (especially males) who thought they were failures in this new generation.  It is certain that the suicide rate is going up and although alarming there is a light at the end of the tunnel as most Boomers realize they have strength in numbers and can make great changes in the economy as well as political clout.  Some Boomers are beginning to see that even if unemployed they can sometimes carry on the same type of business they once worked at from home or start their own business on a smaller scale.  Will the Boomers give up and simply die?  It is doubtful they will die off without a fight because fighters they are and again, strength in numbers and it will be the Boomers that make the greatest changes in the next decade or two not only in the political arena, economy, but also employment and health care.  Boomers don't stand behind others and band together to make changes for the better which the next generation will get to utilize.

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David L. Ollis, 43yrs, UK
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