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Advice on moving away with your 20 year old boyfriend

Requested in Love & Relationships by SunChaser
edited by 2cent

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He is of age to travel where he likes and if you are 18 years of age so are you.  You both have to sit down and communicate what pros and cons of your situation.  Perhaps you are in College that your parents wanted you to be in and put their hard earned money into your education and in this case it would be a good idea to finish your college courses or, the other option is to see if there is a college that offers the same major courses you are taking where your boyfriend will be living.  The other scenario is he has not committed to you other than being boyfriend and girlfriend and you may be making a huge mistake leaving your family and friends.  Don't let the fear of your boyfriend going away and finding someone else deter you and you feel forced out of love to go with him.  If he loves you he'll understand and perhaps you could each visit each other or text one another.  Don't rush into this move immediately and give it time.
Hacking and Hackers are terms that generally tend to build a negative impression in people’s minds. Each time one hears either of these terms, the first thing that immediately comes to mind is the image of a computer criminal sitting in one corner of a dark room and committing a crime. In reality, that is not true at all! Most people straightway start associating the term Hackers with computer criminals or people who cause harm to systems, release viruses and so on. And I do not blame them for holding such a negative opinion.
Unfortunately, one tends to blindly accept what is being fed to them by popular media. And nowadays the media has been wrongly and outrageously referring to computer criminals as Hackers. They fail to recognize the fact that computer criminals and hackers are two totally distinct terms and are not associated with each other whatsoever. People have wrong notions and for reasons not justified at all, they have a negative opinion and utter dislike for Hackers and persons associated with Hacking.
Hacking is not related to specific programming language. Hacking is the idea and mindset And Ability for you to Use various Hack Tools to Break into the Vunurebilities of the Target. For example you can create a key logger program either with C# or python and make it as background process to collect user input. You can Also Hack Into a Target's Electronic Devices Easily With Various Special Hack Tools.
Hacking Has Been My Job For over 16 years now of which i Have been making So Much Money From. Some Years Back My colleague and I Created A Hack Team called The HackerOne
Now who are the HackerOne? Yes. HackerOne solve problems and build things and provide proficient help for those having cyber issues.The group render profound services like social media hacks,(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, snap chat, etc) clearing of criminal records, credit cards top up, unlocking passwords and more. We believe in freedom and voluntary mutual help. We stay anonymous for some good reasons. The law may feel what we do is illegal but we save life, relationships, jobs, even the government hire us in secret! Funny, is it? Well,
I am Jobert abma. The co-founder of the HackerOne group for more info, you can visit my website on
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