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Advice on man in the office going through your desk drawers

Requested in Jobs & Money by a contributor
edited by 2cent

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Turn him into the boss. Or is there anything else about your specific situation?
Shared by Red
Well, I recently discovered that a man in the office where I work has been going into my desk drawers whenever I am in the file room and can't see him. I have been leaving the key underneath different things on the desk and he will look through everything to get it and then open the drawer that contains my handbag. He will leave the key in the lock with the drawer unlocked and my handbag vulnerable to anyone who walks in from the outside, as the public will come in from time to time. He uses the excuse that he is looking for a business card when he already has some of them at his own desk. When I confronted him about this, he did not seem nervous or sorry. The boss overheard it and came out and seemed to take his side. He said that where I sit is a community area and people have to look for things. I told him my bag was in there and he told me to keep it locked up, which is what I've been doing. That same day, the boss was talking to the man but I couldn't hear what they were saying. It crossed my mind that the boss himself might be putting this guy up to this in an effort to find something, dig up some dirt, etc. What do you think of this???
Keep the key with you. Problem solved.
Yeah, just put the key in your pocket.

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