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Advice on leaving part time job problems working with the ex

Requested in Love & Relationships by a contributor
edited by 2cent

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What are you waiting for? You need to find a better job without all that baggage.
I have been working in an office for about 8 years now part time. However, I've been dating this man that works there for 13 years. When he needed help in the office he asked me to overlook the office and work for him. I have done a great job for him and treated the office like my own. It is a doctor's office. 2 1/2 years ago my relationship my relationship ended with him in such a way that was very cruel. He never said anything. I did nothing wrong! But I did his laundry, cleaned his house and anytime he called I was there for him.

I have my own house and he has his own. He told me he was going back with his wife because that's what the kids want. I try to understand and talk to him but he does not want to talk about it. Of course his wife and him did not make it and they ended up not being together. But now I see ladies, different ladies come to our office and give him love notes and I still work there! I want to leave but the first time I gave him my notice he told me he needs 4 months notice. Two weeks too soon! He does not know that I know about his other ladies that he just calls friends. I feel like a victim and I don't know what to do anymore. Yes, I do need the extra money but it's not worth it for me! I feel alone and cheated from someone that I trusted so much. I don't know if I can leave.
I can't believe that you still work there. That must be very hard. Just wondering if he gave you any notice when he broke up with you. I assume not! My suggestion is that you start looking for a new job, find one, and quit on payday with no notice. If it makes you feel better just don't go back to work.

It's time that you move on with your life, found a new man (someone not married), a new job, and a happier life.

Good Luck
Dear wife without benefits,


Quit now.

Find a new job and cut off contact with this man, at least for a while. It's bad enough that he had you cook and clean and work for him and then dropped you like a hot rock... But now you know that he has no intentions of being with you. But he makes YOU feel like you should still work for him, clean, answer his every call?

Okay, so maybe he's feeling guilty and trying to pretend nothing has changed. Or perhaps he'd like to pretend that you're a valued employee and friend, and avoid the awkwardness he's caused between you. Whether he's being an outright ass, or kind of a stupid insensitive jerk, you're miserable, and you need to move on. Go on vacation, keep busy, hang out with friends, but move on.

Why are you even asking us about this?


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