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Advice on forgetting to carry cell phone or charge it

Requested in Computers & Tech by a contributor
edited by 2cent

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Look at it this way: What would you do if you were stranded in your car with no way to phone for help? Or you were being attacked and couldn't call 911? We had just that very thing down here in Georgia back before cell phones became readily available. A woman named Julie Love was on her way home late and her car broke down. She started walking to find help and someone came along and murdered her. Soon after that, personal phones became the norm, and experts said that had she been able to call for help, the chances were good that it could have saved her life. Now, does that motivate you at all?
Well, I have a bad habit of not carrying it or even charging it. I miss all kinds of phone calls from people I want to talk to or important calls. There are times I don't turn my phone on for a whole week and I feel rude towards people although I don't mean to be. It all started when I had this friend who wouldn't stop calling. If I wasn't able to answer the phone or I was in the shower or just wasn't near the phone the friend would keep calling til I could answer. Of course this drove me nuts so that's when it all started with me hating the phone. I swear one time when she wanted to hang out but I was Christmas shopping she called ten times asking when will you be done shopping?? This friend don't bug me like that so much anymore but it did make me not want to carry my phone on me and now not carrying or charging up my phone has become a habit with me. How could I get back in the habit of carrying my phone or at least charging it??
Some people (or rather some women) are diligent with their phones and phone calls, while others are not. That is just a description without judgment or praise. No kind of woman is superior to the other. Just get more confident to stand by who you are - considering especially that you have all these good reasons for why this or that transpires. Stop feeling you need to justify yourself. Those who are meant to stay with you, can learn you with your flaws and still be there in the morning.

It is up to you what you make of this. You still seem quite young, so you have time.

Good luck.
Leave yourself sticky notes to remind yourself until you get back into the habit.

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