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Advice on baby boomer changes for end of life

Requested in Society by SunChaser
edited by 2cent

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While mortality is not at the top of most people's list no matter what their age, Baby Boomers are more into keeping physically fit, but, facing their mortality and want the dignity and the right to die, 'End of Life,' 'Good Death' or 'Euthanasia.'  They feel that without quality of life there is no point.  They refuse to go quietly by being kept alive on medications and living in nursing homes without quality of life.  Baby Boomers look at 'the good life' instead of surrendering to getting things in order and waiting to die of old age as past generations have done.  They know when it's 'end of the game' and prefer to go with dignity. That being said many Baby Boomers will face mortality on their own terms and more States will have no alternative, but to bend to this idea.

4 States in U.S. for Legal Physician Assisted suicide:


Legal Self Administered suicide:



Unfortunately, Canada has no Province that will accept Euthanasia, but Quebec is closing in on their Bill 52 and if accepted it will become over-loaded with people from other Provinces 'to die with dignity.'  Baby Boomers in Canada are fighting the issue and hopefully other Provinces will join Quebec if they win Bill 52.  That being said many people with irreversible diseases or intense injuries with no quality of life don't ask permission and do not need assisted suicide (an inappropriate label to begin with) and are aware of other ways to end life.  There have already been several cases in Supreme Court being served a sentence for assisted suicides by one or more family members.
Shared by SunChaser
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David L. Ollis, 43yrs, UK
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