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Advice if temp staffing agency wont release you from job

Requested in Jobs & Money by a contributor
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This depends on your contract with the staffing agency. There may be a clause regarding accepting whatever employment they find you. You may need to find another agency.
In my situation, over six months ago I started a temporary, part-time assignment that was supposed to run for two weeks. I convinced the employer to keep me on a part-time basis until I was no longer needed. I am still there today. I took the job because I was in poor health and did not want to work full time. Now I want out of there and the agency will not release me from the job. They say as long as the customer wants me they do not want to place me elsewhere. I told them that it is hard for me to live on that salary but they do not care. What should I do???
Of course they don't care because they are making money every day you work. However, you're not a slave. You tell them you are giving two weeks notice and they either replace you at the job or you are leaving on your own when the two weeks is up. If they don't want to place you in another position, find another employment agency or another job on your own. Don't allow people to abuse you.

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