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Requested in Love & Relationships by a contributor
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Women want to feel special and needed. That should be your goal. Anything more you can tell us about your situation?
I worked with a young lady for about 3 months. She then moved for her educational desires. I also moved, about 4 months after her for school as well. As of today I live about an hour, hour and a half, away from her. Recently I emailed her something that she would have needed. She replied with a thank you and saying "... we should Skype or talk on the phone sometime and catch up." I would love to pursue a relationship with her, but here is the problem.

I am shy and anxious when it comes to girls. Would you be able to sincerely help me with this goal of creating an official relationship with her? Thank you.
Hour and a half isn't that far away. You guys could totally do this. Obviously you like her for much more than just the physical aspects. Women want to feel special and needed but don't suffocate her with messages or calls.

How long ago did she send this email? It sounds like she probably means it. If I were her I wouldn't want to come across as "needy" so I would try to seem laid-back about the whole thing. Which is what you should do as well. Never put pressure on the situation.

So hit her up, send a text saying you'll be in town and you'd love to get together. Then see how it goes and if you're vibing kiss her.
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