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Advice if in your 50s look young but told you are old

Requested in Society by a contributor
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Some people are jerks. You're lucky to look young. Maybe they are jealous. Live it up baby!
I am a very young looking woman in my 50's. I have a youthful face without sags, bags, and wrinkles. From time to time, a stranger on the street will say something to me to tell me that I am old. It seems as if what they really want to say is that I am really old!!! Today a strange man said to me "you don't see too many old people around here." I said "what are you talking about?" He told me that I have to be his age or older. I did not even know this man! Why is he questioning me about my age? It is like they are trying to tell me that even though I may look young, that I don't fool them. Could this be the case and, if so, why are they even bothering me? Can anyone tell me???
Don't let people dictate who you are or how you feel. If you know you look young, just ignore the idiots of the world. Next time someone makes a comment like that, say, "I don't know how old you are, and you don't know how old I am, but obviously you feel like you're a senior citizen. Please don't put me in the same category." Then walk away.
I am in the same situation. I am 55 but I have always avoided the sun and I have oily skin, so I have no wrinkles. People always think I am much younger when they find out my age (though conversation or whatever). However, I've never had anyone accost me the way you have been spoken to, especially by a stranger.

This is not a flame, only a question. Could it be the way you dress? Even an older woman with a young face looks inappropriate in some clothing meant for a woman in her 30's, etc. It's the only reason I can come up with for why complete strangers would speak to you that way.
He isn't trying to tell you you're old in the sense of a deliberate insult. That's a little paranoid. I think he is just hitting on you by bringing you into his own age group. Then again maybe you really do look old but are just fooling yourself.

Hey guys my wife and I have been married for 15 years. For over five years I have been dealing with jealousy issues because of flirting and her having emotional type affairs with other men. I felt like my masculinity was in question and if I said the way she was acting bothered me, it seemed to make matters worse or I was accused of being controling. During this period I did state I wanted a divorce if the behavior was not going to end: texting men a night, leaving for the weekend without letting me know where she was going or not responding to messages. We do have a son and basically it's been him and I for the last year on the weekends. She disconnected completely from being a good wife and mother. In April she said she wanted a separation and I said no we need to get into marriage counseling. We did try that, but she was not very responsive and didn't give any effort. Afterward she was adamant about separation and divorce. I continued to say no and that we needed to save our family. She presented a separation agreement and I had to hire a lawyer. Because of the above behavior my lawyer suggested a private investigator. The investigator discovered my wife was having an affair with a close friend of the family who also is married with children. We know the extended families. I feel like I should tell this man's wife about what happened. This adultery has devastated me emotionally, I feel betrayed and I'm physically drained. I know my wife is passionate in terms of her sexuality, and I can't get the thought of them out of my head. It makes me question my own manhood, and I feel very inferior or that he must be a better lover or what ever. The problem is my wife pursued him. She would go to him and she lured him into this adultery. I felt this was coming for some time and could not stop it. She was not only lying to me but also to our son about what she was doing and where she was going. My family is important, my son loves her and as crazy as it sounds so do I. Can you respond with a course of action on how to proceed? I was still have a very huge place in my heart for her. so i searched for help online and I came across a website that suggested that Dr Ahmed can help solve marital problems, restore broken relationships and so on. So I felt I should give him a try. I contacted him and he told me what to do and i did it then he did a spell for me. 28 hours later, my wife came to me and apologized for the wrongs she did and promise never to do it again. Ever since then, everything has returned back to normal. I, my son and my wife are living together happily again.. All thanks to Dr Ahmed. as it is a place to resolve marriage/relationship issues, do you want to be sure if your spouse is being faithful to you or Do you want your Ex to come back to you Contact.: E-mail: Ahmedutimate@gmail.com or call/Whats-app: +2348160153829 save your crumbling home and change of grades its 100% safe. I suggest you contact him. He will not disappoint you.
David L. Ollis, 43yrs, UK
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